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2001-03-01 site still under heavy reconstruction 2001-03-02 some buzz news are coming up soon --- products -------------------------------------------------------------------
database to be announced... internet to be announced... music to be announced... --- buzz -----------------------------------------------------------------------
machines For my yet available Buzz machines use the following links... asedev a2pFilter01 : 12db filter. asedev a2pFilter02 : 12db filter. asedev a2pFilter03 : 12db filter. asedev a4pFilter01 : 24db filter. asedev a4pFilter02 : 24db filter. asedev a4pFilter03 : 24db filter. asedev aEcho01 : simple band style echo (low cpu usage). asedev aReverb01 : simple band style reverb (low cpu usage). asedev Gain01 : gain machine. asedev Gain02 : gain machine. asedev Gain03 : gain machine. asedev HumanM01 : random gainer. asedev HumanS01 : random panner. asedev Psycho01 : kind of room simulator. asedev sSpread01 : tool to place a sound in a room. asedev AllPak : all available machines in one nice package. license This software is FREEWARE. The author of this program cannot be held responsible for any damage this program may do to your system! Use it at your own risk! links jeskola.com - the offical buzz site
BuzzTrack.com - check for here for infos about the buzz scene and up-to-date buzz addons / currently down buzzmachines.com - check here for new and updated buzz machines --- contact --------------------------------------------------------------------
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